Grand Champion Polled Hereford Super 1 99th Exhibition Durazno 2012

Copied from the newspaper "El País" Paul D. MESTRE

In Hereford, won "San José del Yaguarí", San Salvador, Cattle Society, "La Ponderosa", and "Las Anitas". On the court of Aberdeen Angus won both male and female "Santa Emilia of Sierra Madera.

Quantity over quality. This is what was observed in the 99 th edition of the exhibition organized by the Rural Society of Peach in "St. Bernardino".

HEREFORD. Breeders Miguel Martirena Bove and Ignacio Clemente Popelka used as a criterion to choose functional animals in order to achieve easy pregnancies in cows and heavy and adapptable steers to the type of livestock that is being developed nowadays.." This means, as Clement said, " to obtain heavy shells, that steers get a very good performance, especially today with the wintering in shed that is taking an important place. But they have to perform well on grass too. Then analyzed "It's like meeting the old slogan of the breed: Hereford: the right balance." They said this type of animal found in both varieties. In Polled Hereford a Senior bull of "San José del Yaguarí" was elected as Grand Champion , Robert J. Zerbino, with a story that is worth to be told. "We didn't expect to bring the" Super1"again to an exhibition, because he turned three years old in 2011. But on February 5th, we saw him, after working during two months with 46 cows in the field and we asked for ourselves : could he be able to lend us a hand in the Exhibition of Durazno? we prepared him this month, he recovered and was perhaps he was more beautiful now than in the Prado when he was 100 kilos more, "said Dr. Pablo Zerbino. This is a senior bull, defined by Zerbino as a"very correct and plenty of meat that was sent to work with cows for two months; he was healthy of legs and hands, not a detail, not a problem and that's important because this is it: we are preparing genetics to produce in the fields, world recognized meat. He said, "is a reflection of what we are looking for in the cabin." He came to "Durazno" as a calf, and in the Expo Prado he achieved as reserved champion as two years and as senior bull. "We always had great faith in him because it is a correct animal, mild, moderate, with good EPD data that is improving as his descendence is arriving"

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